The 2021 Edition of the PTAR was held 21st & 22nd of May 2021 at Ermelo



PTAR Final Results. The PTAR final results as published at the gala dinner on 22 May 2021 contained errors emanating from the scoring system, which due to time constraints from the delayed start and logger interference difficulties resulted in hasty results preparation for the gala evening. Consequently the 1st position was in fact a tie between Race 23 & 24 using the Positional Results method of scoring. The results can be found below. To be noted is that the Positional Results method, as utilised in the speed rallies, is based on an average ranking of combined day 1 & 2 scores – which the committee decided on as the default scoring method in consultation with the Jury, while the Performance Results method considers ranking of day 1 & 2 in order of best handicap & shortest distance as the ranking method. For reference both score methods are provided as below.


As this PTAR was the first PTAR in the new format with both days flown, the final combined scoring mechanism was not fully defined and tested. SAPFA apologises for the errors made, and these will be redressed for future events. There will also be a racer meeting to review their experience of the new format, with initial feedback has been that most enjoyed the course design as flown. Suggestions for improvements would be welcome input in planning for Tempe in 2022, these can be made to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.








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Briefing Notes and Ermelo Reporting Points



      Frequencies to use: 120.2MHz

2021 President's Trophy Air Race

COMPETITOR LIST download here


2021 President's Trophy Air Race

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2021_President's_Trophy_Air_Race-Delayed Start

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Final_Overall_Performance_Results Download Here 


Positional Results Table as below



Performance Results Table as below 











Overall Results